Open positions



Applications of Graphene Derivatives

We announce the opening of a new postdoc position in the framework of the ERC consolidator project supervised by prof. Michal Otyepka for scientists experienced in the field of material/physical chemistry with focus on applications of graphene and its derivatives.

The research program:

The research work of the ERC project 2D-Chem focuses on interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding of reactivity of fluorographene and graphene derivatives, synthesis of new graphene derivatives by wet chemistry and complex chemical architecture based on graphene derivatives. The synthetized materials are thoroughly characterized and tested for advanced applications in electrochemical sensing, imaging, energy storage, catalysis etc. The applicant will become part of a young, focused, and motivated international team with excellent equipment (see

The applicant responsibilities:

  • Screening and testing of prepared graphene derivatives and their hybrids materials for (e.g., sensing, catalytical, or energy storage, etc.) applications
  • Identification/design of suitable materials for multi-readout sensor applications
  • Feedback for targeted synthesis of graphene derivatives, optimization of graphene derivatives
  • Cooperation with theoreticians and synthetics
  • Manuscript writing

Five Relevant References in the Field

  • Bakandritsos A, Pykal M, Blonski P, Jakubec P, Chronopoulos DD, Poláková K, Georgakilas V, Cepe K, Tomanec O, Ranc V, Bourlinos AB, Zbořil R, Otyepka M: Cyanographene and Graphene Acid – Emerging Derivatives Enabling High-Yield and Selective Functionalization of Graphene. ACS Nano, 11(3), 2982–2991, 2017.
  • Chronopoulos DD, Bakandritsos A, Lazar P, Pykal M, Čépe K, Zbořil R, Otyepka M: High-Yield Alkylation and Arylation of Graphene via Grignard Reaction with Fluorographene. Chem. Mater., 29(3), 926–930, 2017.
  • Urbanová V, Holá K, Bourlinos AB, Čépe K, Ambrosi A, Loo AH, Pumera M, Karlický F, Otyepka M, Zbořil R: Thiofluorographene-Hydrophilic Graphene Derivative with Semiconducting and Genosensing Properties. Adv. Mater., 27(14), 2305-2310, 2015.
  • Georgakilas V, Otyepka M, Bourlinos AB, Chandra V, Kim N, Kemp KC, Hobza P, Zbořil R, Kim KS: Functionalization of Graphene: Covalent and Non-Covalent Approaches, Derivatives and Applications. Chemical Reviews, 112(11), 6156–6214, 2012.
  • Tuček J, Holá K, Bourlinos AB, Blonski P, Bakandritsos A, Ugolotti J, Dubecký M, Karlický F, Ranc V, Cepe K, Otyepka M, Zbořil R: Room temperature organic magnets derived from sp3 functionalized graphene. Nat. Commun., 8, 14525, 2017.

Formal requirements:

PhD or equivalent in any field of Chemistry or Material Science; good publication record in top ranked journals, excellent oral and written English; experience in physical/chemical properties of nanomaterials and in applications of nanomaterials.

Submit an application including a curriculum vitae and a list of publications to: 2dchem @ Letters of recommendation shall be sent directly to the same email addresses. Clearly indicate the position, which you are applying for.

The applications are considered till June 15, 2017.

Screening of applicants will resume immediately. Selected applicants will be invited for an oral/Skype interview, typically within 2/3 weeks upon application submission. We apologize but due to the number of applications the scientific committee screens we are not able to respond to all applicants who did not qualify for the oral interview. Thank you for your understanding.


The Ph.D. candidates should refer to web site of the Department of physical chemistry (, where they can find all information about the procedure, formalities, fees and tuitions. The dead-line for Ph.D. applications is late April.

The prospective candidates for MSc. study/diploma thesis under the 2D-chem project should contact prof. Otyepka.